My favorite links

Helge Drønen from Norway.
Nice website with Larsen Viking ship

Tore Hettervik from Norway.
Great website with Larsen Vikingship

Very nice mini bottle shop from Viet Nam. Large selection of mini cognac and other mini bottles for sale. Worldwide

Tran An Khang from Viet Nam.
Great website with lots of miniatures for sale.

Jean-Michel from France.
A very good website with miniature bottles and pins.
There are also a few bottles for swap or sale

Igor Geifman from Israel.
A very great website with pictures of thousands of mini Cognac and Armagnac.
There are also many bottles for sale and swap.

Morten from Norway.
A great website with about 7000 mini-bottles.
All bottles are placed in their correct country with flag.

Maik from Germany.
A very nice website with lots of miniatures for sale.
Most whiskey, but also some cognac and other bottles.

Vidar from Norway.
Great collection of Larsen Cognac.